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5 foot x 8 foot sewn cotton Confederate Battle Flag.  For those who want a really large flag.

This is NOT a hand made flag.  It is a factory made flag.  It is extremely heavy weight sewn cotton with appliqued stars and brass grommets.
We offer this because we have received several requests for a flag of this size.
We cannot make a hand made flag of this size.

Price: $77 (includes shipping)  If you wish UPS shipping then add an extra $20 to the order.

We do not accept any type of card.  You must use one of the order forms below.  The form contains all information on how to order.  We know this is not as convenient but it doesn't make the card companies richer off of us.

Order Form (doc file) right click to save, open and complete in word processor then print. (recommended)
Order Form (pdf file) right click to save, print and complete by hand. Please print clearly.